Nursing your child whilst intimate with partner?

Feeling the need for a rant this morning

I was having a quick look down my news feed this morning on Facebook, when something caught my eye … ‘Would you consider nursing your child at the same time as getting intimate with your partner?’.

This is a topic that they are covering on ITV’s ‘This Morning‘ today.

I assumed they meant, during the months/years that you choose to breastfeed your child, would you still feel confident to have intimate moments with your partner.

As a nursing mother to my 6 month old (Esmae), this seemed quite an odd question.

Of course I am still able to have sex with my other half. I understand it can make you feel very self conscious at times, what with leaky, sore boobs, but eventually, you learn to overcome this, and nursing shouldn’t effect your sex life.

Anyway, i chose to have a read through the comments, and realised, I had read the question totally wrong! … in actual fact, ‘This Morning’ were asking, would you be happy to have your child fully latched and having a feed, during intercourse!

Wow! … was this even a serious question? Where do they get these phone in topics from? Do people actually do this? How could you even get turned on, whilst having your child feed from you? I sure as hell wouldn’t fancy eating my tea whilst having sex, so why should my child?!



To me, when I nurse Esmae, the emotions I feel are that of love and affection towards my daughter. Observing how much she is changing day to day, the absolute joy inside me of knowing that I am providing my baby with what I feel is best for her.





The breastfeeding relationship with my child is a bonding experience, why on earth would I then wish to mix this with the emotions I feel for my partner during sex??!


Each to their own, but having scrolled through the hundreds of comments, I haven’t come across any saying that this is something that they would feel comfortable with.


One woman who doesn’t see an issue with this, is mother of three, Tasha Maile. Who often takes to YouTube with her video blog’s.






Now Tasha has built up quite a large online following due to her spiritual beliefs and the way she raises her three son’s.

But even her devotee’s won’t back her on this one.

Tasha told ‘The Sun’ newspaper ‘From what I remember, I remember sleeping with my ex-husband and my son was on me breastfeeding and we would have sex from behind or something‘ …..


Personally, it just makes me cringe!




Some of the comments on the ‘This Morning’ Facebook page really got my back up!


Apparently ‘Breastfeeding is no longer about what is good for baby. It’s more about the Mum getting noticed and getting attention by not being discreet and feeding in public’.

Views like this really make me see red!

Why should children have to have their food underneath a bloody blanket? Would this narrow minded idiot eat her tea with a duvet on her head? ….


Anyway, I am going off subject, and could easily write pages and pages regarding breastfeeding in public (this is something I will be covering soon) but just wanted to get this out there and hear peoples opinions whilst Holly & Phil cover it this morning.



My personal opinion is no, intimate moments with your partner should be exactly that.





Nursing my child lovingly and giving her my undivided attention whilst she usually feeds herself to sleep,in a calm and soothing manner, is not something I will be mingling into my sex life with my fella! (and quoting my other half when I asked his opinion ‘That’s just disgusting and wrong!’ … and I whole-heartedly agree!

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