Deadly Kiss: Is Kissing your child on the lips really such a bad thing?

With the newspapers reporting this week that a 18 day old baby has died after contracting Meningitis HSV-1, we are yet again asking the question of, is it right or wrong to kiss your child on the lips?

Parent’s, Nicole & Shane Sifrit, are warning other’s not to let people kiss your baby after they tragically lost their daughter, Mariana earlier this week.


HSV-1 is the virus that causes cold sores, but rarely does it lead to viral meningitis, according to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

They describe the early symptoms of the virus to include sleepiness, nausea, fever, lack of appetite and headaches.

Babies younger that one month and those with weaker immune systems are more susceptible to the illness.

Many people harbour HSV without ever knowing they have it. Since they can transmit the virus without having symptoms, infection can be spread unknowingly to contacts.

Nicole told “Don’t let people kiss your baby and make sure they ask before they pick up your baby.”

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Personally, I had never thought twice about kissing my children on the lips, and have to admit, it is something I always do.

I never saw an issue with showing affection to my children and smothering them in kisses.

If I am honest, it does make me cringe slightly when I see other people kissing my children on the lips, especially after the stories recently of how poorly it can make children, and worst case, even resulting in death.

Many celebrities, including Katie Price, Jennifer Garner & Sarah Jessica Parker, have all been papped kissing their children on the lips.

It has hit the headlines quite a few times recently, after both Victoria & David Beckham shared photographs on social media kissing their 5 year old daughter, Harper.

Now again, when this all blew up, I jumped straight to the defence of The Beckhams. ‘Why should a father have to defend himself for kissing his daughter?’ ‘Why should any mother be criticised for sharing a loving picture of her and her daughter kissing whilst wishing her a Happy Birthday?’ …. it was ridiculous!

Infact, I wondered why the hell it had even crossed anyone’s mind that this was ‘so wrong’?

David replied to the negativity he had received by explaining that he and Victoria are ‘always very affectionate towards our brood’.

And why the hell not?!

Well, Dr. Charlotte Reznick, a psychologist at the University of California UCLA said
“A ‘peck’ on the lips from parents can cause confusion.
If you start to kiss your kids on the mouth when they are young, when do you stop? It’s extremely confusing.
Children grow up and stop being babies. When they reach 5 or 6 years old they become aware of their bodies and sexuality. Reznick said they can actually become stimulated by a kiss on the lips.”

What an absolute load of crap! I’m Sorry, but show me any documentation, the slightest bit of proof that backs up that kissing your child on the lips can lead to problems later on in life.

Dr. Fiona Martin from Sydney Child Psychology Centre is in total disagreement with the Reznick, and thinks it’s absurd that parents kissing their children on the lips can be considered sexual. “It is normal and healthy to show affection for your children. You are communicating to your children that you love them,” Martin explained to a local newspaper of Australia.

Likewise, Dr. Heather Irvine-Rundle, suggests that Dr. Reznick’s conclusion is outrageous. “It does not take into account relationships that are safe and trusting. There is nothing sexual about kissing a baby on the mouth.”

I understand that some parent’s do not believe in kissing children on the lips due to fears of contracting diseases such as Herpes & Meningitis, that I can totally sympathise with.

It has made me reconsider whether I should be kissing my children on the lips? But truth be told, its a natural thing to me and my partner and I don’t think that is something you can just switch off instantly.

I was brought up in a very loving family environment, full of kisses and cuddles, and always wanted that same warmness for my family.

But saying that ‘we shouldn’t kiss our children as it is sending them mixed messages’ and ‘it is considered a sexual act’, I’ve never heard so much crap in all of my life!

It is yet again, a topic which divides us all.

Some people totally agree with the fact that we shouldn’t be kissing our children on the lips, and should stick to kissing foreheads and cheeks.



And equally, there are those of us who think, each to their own, and kissing a child on the lips is simply a show of affection.



What do you think? Kiss of death? Or just pure love for your children?

My view is that as parents, it is perfectly normal to want to kiss your child and show your love towards them.
But, I agree, do not let others kiss your children on the lips.
Explain your concerns if you are worried, and do what you think is best for your child.
No one can tell you right from wrong, that’s down to you to decide.

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2 thoughts on “Deadly Kiss: Is Kissing your child on the lips really such a bad thing?

  1. I’ve always kissed my kids on the lips!

    It’s a quick little peck, not a make out session like some of these people think it is!

    I do understand the issue of sickness and germs, when I’m sick my kids just do air kisses.

    Seems rather silly to me that people are making such a stink about parents showing their kids affection.


  2. First time ever hearing about such drama. I am an aunty to a 7 year old boy, and I am very blessed and privileged to be able to be part of his life by looking after him when my sister works 😊 I used to give him lots of kisses, but as he has got older then he isn’t really wanting that so much 😜 I understand he is growing up, but it is my way to let him know I love him ❤ I think those who think it is wrong to kiss your children on the lips are honestly sick people. Really mentally disturbed.


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