Life Unfairly Lost After Confronting Louts

Well, it’s not often that I have to disagree with my Mum (anything for a quiet life!) but a few weeks back, we got into a discussion about confronting yobs outside your property and what we would do if this happened to us.

My Mum has known me for 31 years, and so has a pretty good idea on my personality by now.

She had brought up this subject to try and warn me about the dangers of challenging antisocial behaviour.

We live in Manchester  and back in August 2007, not too far from us, a father of three, Garry Newlove, had confronted a group of teenagers outside of his home in Warrington after suspecting they were vandalising his wife’s car.

Garry was beaten to death as a result of this, leaving his Wife and three daughters without a husband and a Dad.

More recently, just over 24 hours ago in fact, Mike Grimshaw, a young father from Sale Moor, was stabbed to death after approaching a group of yobs outside of his house, and asking them to keep the noise down.

Mike was stabbed in the neck and left for dead.

Neighbours tried desperately to save him, but unfortunately, his injuries were fatal.

Since, a 16 year old has been arrested and is being questioned regarding the murder.


So yet again, the question arose, ‘What would you do if a group were outside your property causing trouble or being loud?’ ‘Would you ignore them?’ ‘Would you call the police?’ or ‘Would you go outside and deal with them yourself?’ …

When I first had this chat with my Mum, I stuck to my guns. I was adamant that, as I have in the past, if there was a group causing annoyance outside my house, or vandalising my property, I would be straight out there telling them to politely ‘Do one!’

I have never really been the shy and retiring type, and if something needs saying, I am not afraid to speak out.

If someone is destroying something I have worked hard to pay for, or in some cases, still paying for, like hell am I going to let some low life scum bags damage that for their own amusement.

Likewise, if they were to be loud and disrespectful, causing any disturbance to my children sleeping perhaps, I’d be out there, telling them to keep the noise down, or go and make a racket elsewhere!

In the words of my lovely Mother ‘This is why I worry about you being a stroppy cow! You are not frightened of challenging people but I bloody wish you were!’


Well, Mummy dearest may have gotten what she wished for.

Myself and my partner were discussing this last night, after the sad news yesterday of Mike Grimshaw.

Why is this happening time and time again? How is it fair that people are losing their lives after standing their ground to these delinquents?

Maybe the best thing is to just let them do what they want and get away with it?

After reading about all of the incidents in the news, it does make you think, maybe I am best just turning a blind eye, or depending on the severity, ringing the police and waiting for them to deal with it.

Is it really worth your children being left without a parent? …


I have to say, sadly times have changed.

Where as in the past you could’ve stood up for what you believed in and perhaps dealt with these thugs yourself, nowadays it is just not worth the risk.

If you are ever in doubt, ring 101 (Non-emergency police number) or 999 if it is an emergency.

Never feel like you are wasting police time by reporting antisocial behaviour.

It is a crime! Sadly sometimes a crime which costs lives.



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