Bashed for Bottle Feeding Baby …

Well, it seems that glamorous, new Mummy, Amy Childs, comes under fire again.

Can she do anything right at the moment?

First she was criticised for appearing to be using diet shakes only days after giving birth to Daughter Poppy., this was not the case.

Now she is getting scrutinised for posting a photograph on her Instagram of bottle feeding her baby.

Credit: Instagram – @amychilds1990

Now some people don’t see an issue with this Mummy & Daughter pic and are full of compliments towards how well she is looking.

Whereas others, ‘The Mum of Year Brigade’ as they have been labelled on social media, have attacked the glamorous Mum for being ‘Neglectful.’

Reading this really drives me mad if I’m being completely honest.

Remember when ‘The Brelfie’ was trending, breastfeeding Mum’s were slammed for being exhibitionists and apparently rubbing it in other parent’s faces that they were unable to breastfeed.

They weren’t criticised for being ‘Neglectful’ for taking a selfie during feeds.

Yet a bottle feeding Mother, taking a harmless photograph of herself and her Daughter, sharing a moment, and suddenly all hell breaks out and she is the worst type of Mother going?

Personally, I am a breastfeeding Mother, and do I think she is neglectful? No!

I think she probably just thought, perfect opportunity for a nice selfie, whilst enjoying the sun in Ibiza with her baby.

Trolls have accused her of ‘wasting valuable bonding opportunities with her baby.’

Now come on, if we are all being honest, who hasn’t taken their eyes of their child whilst either bottle or boob feeding? … and if you can’t put your hand up and admit the fact that you may have either browsed Facebook or done a bit of online shopping, or even just replied to those texts that you’ve been struggling to get two minutes to reply to, then you’re a liar!

Don’t get me wrong, I have spent more feeds staring down lovingly at my baby girl than I have playing Candy Crush, and Amy has probably spent more feeds cradling her baby than her mobile phone, so give it up keyboard warriors.

Why should she be publicly slammed for her selfie?

Leave the poor girl alone!

She looks absolutely amazing, and if I had a body like hers 3 months after giving birth, I’d be papping myself doing every task imaginable.

It’s not like she was using one of these disgusting ‘Bottle-holders’ …


Now, they are vile, and damn right lazy!

I have 3 children, and if I didn’t have the time to sit and feed my baby, I wouldn’t have had another child in the first place, cause let’s face it, you wouldn’t have time for sex either right?




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